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InvestX Connects Investors with Growth-stage Private Equity Deals


InvestX Financial (“InvestX”) provides wealth managers, financial platforms and their clients with access to private "growth equity" investments. 

Historically, private equity investing has been the exclusive domain of less than 1% of the investing universe – specifically the institutional investor and the ultra-wealthy. Professional investors have relied on private equity investing to make their big, double-digit returns. It is how the ultra-wealthy are becoming even wealthier. Every year, private equity has been outperforming every other asset class, including the market. And every year, professional investors are putting more money in private equity sources.

Through InvestX, accredited investors can access institutional quality, private equity, without the traditional multi-million dollar investment minimums.


Why Private “Growth” Equity?


Private “growth” equity has emerged as a new asset class as institutional investors are specifically targeting late-stage private companies. This has enabled these private companies to become significantly larger, experience rapid growth and remain private longer. As a result, profit is now being generated in the private stage, rather than the public stage.


According to Cambridge Research, Private Growth Equity is the #1 returning asset class, with annual returns of 12% over the past 10 years. 


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