Private Equity Calculator

Growth Equity Calculator

This is a Growth Equity Calculator. This calculator will allow you to see the what the effects are when a portion of your investments are put into Private Equity.

The fields below can be edited. The Average Percents for the specific investment areas have been pre-determined. Percentage Allocated to Each Asset is where you enter in your financial information. We've set the form to be defaulted to the following:

  1. Starting Amount: $500,000
  2. Stocks / Equity: 30% of your Assets
  3. Bonds / Fixed Income : 30% of your Assets
  4. Cash: 30% of your Assets
  5. Private Equity: 10% of your Assets
Pressing Calculate will adjust the chart accordingly based on your investment values you've entered.

Average Percents

These are the average return rates for the following investment areas.

Percentage Allocated to Each Asset

Common estimates of where investors assets are. Please adjust accordingly.

Investment Results